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75th Anniversary of "THE GREAT ESCAPE"

Early Memories, Subhas and Sisir 1927

A page from a letter written by Subhas Chandra Bose to the Governor of Bengal prior to Bose's hunger strike, November 26, 1941

In his room after release 5 December, 1940

Sisir Kumar Bose 1941

1 Woodburn Park

With brother Satish and Calcutta Mayor Siddiqui in his bedroom December 1940

With Mother Prabhabati, brother Satish and Calcutta Mayor Siddiqui in his bedroom December 1940

Wanderer Car in which Netaji was driven from Calcutta to Gomoh by Sisir Kumar Bose 16-18 january 1941

Copy of Registration Certificate of the Wanderer Car

Autograph of Subhas Chandra Bose January 1941

Netaji Subhas's Facsimile of note to Nirad C. Chaudhuri for Sarat Chandra Bose

Exit route from Elgin Road to Grand Trunk Road

The Bungalow Bararee near Dhanbad where Netaji was hidden during the day of 17 january, 1941

Gomoh Station,where Netaji took the Delhi-Kalka Mail for Delhi on 17-18 January 1941

Mian Akbar Shah who was in charge of organizing the journey from Peshawar to Kabul

Post- dated letter to H.V.Kamath

First news of Netaji's disappearance in Hindustan Standard 27th January, 1941

News of Netaji Subhas's Great Escape in Anandabazar Patrika

Italian Minister's Report from Kabul

Mr and Mrs Quaroni

A view of Kabul, where Netaji remained hidden till his departure for Berlin via Moscow

Secret message of German Ambassabor Shulenberg recording Netaji's arrival in Moscow

Telegram from Germany

Subhas as Orlando Mazzotta on arrival in Berlin April 1941

Letter of Subhas Chandra Bose 3 April 1941

Netaji's secret handwritten message received by Sisir

Lahore Fort where Dr. Sisir Kumar Bose was imprisoned 1944-45

Chargesheet to Sisir Bose,Lahore Fort November 1944

Sarat Chandra Bose's notes regarding Sisir in his diary 22 January, 1945

Sisir Kumar Bose 1945